ANNOUNCING: A new documentary celebrating capitalism and fighting back against Obama's push for socialism and his war on capitalism.
The documentary will focus on capitalism, free markets, patriotism, Reaganomics, American exceptionalism, faith, liberty and freedom. 
The documentary is also a faith-based Christian film that centers around the power of prayer.
Projected release date for documentary: July of 2016

"Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville" documentary will be the opposite of liberal Michael Moore's propaganda films against Capitalism. Our documentary is promoting free enterprise and the greatness of America through the eyes of Capitalism. The answer to America's struggling economy is returning to Ronald Reagan's economic policies known as REAGANOMICS.  

The documentary is also a faith-based Christian film that centers around the power of prayer.
  "Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville" documentary film is sponsored by the Conservative Campaign Committee.

On July 13, 2012 President Barack Obama during an election campaign event announced to people who create and build businesses... "If you've got a business -- you didn't build that".

In 2008, President Barack Obama spoke about the “fundamental transformation of the nation”. In recent years, Obama has stated that free-market Capitalism and individual entrepreneurship does not and never has worked successfully for America and its people.

After hearing President Obama’s words and seeing America on its destructive path, anyone can see the objective is to move America away from a nation built on individual liberty and economic freedom and toward a government welfare and dependency state.

Capitalism is under assault. That's why a documentary on CAPITALISM is needed in America to counteract the socialist message the far left, Michael Moore and Obama are selling these days. America is built on Capitalism and that's what makes the United States great and sets it apart from other countries.

We will show in this documentary that Capitalism and Free Enterprise are the backbone of America and that government does not drive economic growth, instead growth comes from the private sector.

President Barack Obama has made good on his promise by presiding over an unprecedented dismantling America's free enterprise system. Capitalism needs a champion, and it has found one by producing this revolutionary documentary titled "Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville". Executive Producer Melanie Tipton is on a mission to tell the real story of capitalism in this country and counter the liberal agenda of Michael Moore's biased efforts at filmmaking. In films like Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Roger & Me, Moore has promoted his distorted view of America's economic system that has created unprecedented wealth.

Taking on a heavyweight like Moore might seem like a daunting challenge for many women. Not Melanie. She proclaims, "Our documentary is going to promote American exceptionalism, free enterprise, limited government and individual freedom." America returning to Reaganomics is the theme of "Melanie's Journey Through Chattanoogaville" documentary.